Bad Habits Your Mechanic Wants You to Stop Doing

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Not Bringing Car in for a Routine Maintenance:

Most people have a habit of postponing the routine maintenance jobs required for the safe operation of their car or vehicle. Routine Maintenance is essential for the longevity and efficiency of the car. If there are any hidden or ignored warning signs that have a chance of developing into bigger problems at a later date, your mechanic can notify you of them during a routine checkup. During routine maintenance work, mechanics also change the fluids inside your car for optimum performance. If engine coolants are not changed routinely, you may risk early damage to the water pump and radiator. You can see how small things like these can result in a bigger problem when ignored.

Ignoring Warning Signs on your Dashboard:

Warning Signs

Warning signs on your dashboard can indicate internal problems in your vehicle that needs to be rectified immediately. However, most drivers ignore these warning signs, fearing the cost they would have to incur during a routine maintenance job in an auto repair shop. Research conducted in 2019 revealed that almost two third of the members ignore the engine light. Ignoring such problems can often lead to serious damages, which might cost you a larger amount at a later time. If you notice a warning sign or message on your vehicle’s dashboard, get it inspected and rectified as soon as possible.

Ignoring Unusual Noises and Odor:

Unusual Noises and Odor

You know the sound of your engine when it is performing at its best. We can observe this difference between an old and a relatively new car. If your car is in its best condition, it shouldn’t produce any grinding, squealing, or rumbling sounds. Each of these sounds may point toward a different issue in your vehicle. Another thing to take care of is to not ignore any unusual odor. If you notice any gas smells during your journey, stop the car immediately because this could indicate gas leakage and an impending fire hazard. If you notice any unusually awful small when you turn on your air conditioner, it may indicate infestation. These signs should never be ignored; if you are aware of such anomalies, get your car to a mechanic shop as soon as possible for inspection.

Driving on Worn-out Tires:

For a majority of people, cars are long-term and one-time investments. Therefore, they might not give much priority to changing the tires of their cars, especially as they require a huge amount of money and effort. However, driving on worn-out tires can cause severe safety implications, putting you and your family at risk. Worn-out tires are more susceptible to punctures which might cause sudden blowouts. Worn-out tires are also likely to lose air pressure quickly – which is not good from an economic standpoint as low-pressure tires use more fuel to travel. In situations where you are traveling in snow-ridden areas or during heavy rainy seasons, there is also the increased risk of skidding and sliding. Cars with worn-out tires also require more breaking distance compared to newer tires.

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